The design of Take a Note×Cosmotech book covers are about to release!

2021/09/16 18:00

Because the foils are too beautiful to choose, we tried as many foils as we can. Finally, the top 4 types of foils are chosen, which are rainbow, whiskey chocolate and coffee brown. All the patterns are repeatedly stamped randomly 2-3 times. The position is different which means that each book cover is unique.


Here I would like everyone to guess, what is the texture of the book cover designed by Cosmotech this time? Hint: “It’s a pattern directly rubbed out with something.”

The first person who guesses right will directly get a Take a Note x Cosmotech book cover!!!


Another surprise is that, because this cooperation with Cosmotech was very pleasant and at the same time generated more inspiration, we made a very temporary decision to add another design! As for what design it is will be announced on 9/19 on Sunday!


For this reason, the pre-orders of the book cover in our official store will stop selling for one week from 9/20-9/26. For customers that have already purchased, please come back this week and tell us which one you would like to choose. (A–>today’s design or B –>mystery one announced next week)


The book cover will return to their original price on 9/27. You can select the design but not the foil color. We will reveal more information little by little. Please keep following us.




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