Take a Note 2022 MINI Planner A6

  • (1P)Welcome Page
  • (1P)Yearly Calendar
  • (1P)Yearly Plan【2022.01-2022.12】
  • (32P)Monthly Plan【2021.12-2023.03】
  • (212P)Weekly Plan【2022.01-2022.12】
  • (8P)Grid Paper
  • (1P)Personal Info Page

Take A Note REGULAR Planner is the first Taiwanese planner recognized by Japan’s Good Design Award. The minimalist design promises great freedom and different ways to use, making the planner your personal life records.


❶ Using Japanese Tomoe River paper with 3mm grids.
❷ 180-degree flat binding, the planner lies flat when opened.
❸ Integrated before weekly plans, a total of 16 monthly plans are marked with Taiwanese holidays, the first and fifteenth day of the lunar calendar, the 24 solar terms, and corresponding weekly plan page numbers.
❹ The Weekly planners have two days per page, 4 days for a week. They also include the vertical timeline, mini monthly calendar, mini weekly calendar, and blank grids at the top and bottom of the timeline, and moon phases.
❺ With printed page numbers, the planner works for bullet journaling.
The product on this page is printed with Taiwanese holidays. There is no English version for MINI A6. For the English version, please purchase the English A5 version.


Fresh Adjustments in 2022

The brand new layout of the grid page has added positioning points for three equal sections and the cross. Integrating solid and dashed lines, as well as large and small grids, the planner removes the toil of counting grids.



❶ Yearly Calendar

The yearly calendar spans September 2021 to April 2023, which includes 4 months respectively before and after the year 2022, with a total of 20 months. It’s a great tool when users are estimating the schedule of a project.


❷ Yearly Gantt Chart

The horizontal Gantt-chart yearly calendar allows users to write down important holidays, events, and exams in the year. It provides a yearly overview for future planning. It can also work as a habit tracking form to record the habits users want to develop.

❸ Monthly Plan

Take a Note’s monthly plans leave the space to users. There are loads of blank grids on the top, bottom, left, and right. Users can divide them into sections by their preferences. There can be monthly topics, movies and drama to watch, motivational quotes, or a list of tasks that must be done in the week.

The monthly plans cover 16 months in total, spanning December 2021 to March 2023, so users can plan projects or events extending to the next year in advance.

❹ Weekly Plan

The format that combines a mini weekly calendar and a two days per page vertical timeline is original to Take a Note and a favorite among Good Design Award’s judges and our users.

The timeline is made with loads of 3mm grids. Drawn with delicate dashed lines, the grid page appears neat and clean. When the timeline is not in use, the blank grids with page numbers work for bullet journaling.

✔Vertical flexible timeline

The timeline covers 6 am to 12 am. Records for the unmarked three hours can be written in the blank grids below.


✔30-minute scale

The scale allows precise time management that takes half an hour as a unit.


✔Solar terms, lunar calendar and national holidays

All important information is also printed.


✔Page Number

The first page of every weekly plan is printed with a page number that corresponds to the number on the monthly plan for index and reference.

Note Page

✔Brand New Design with Better Versatility

The layout of the note page has been redesigned with position points marking three equal sections and the cross. A total of 8 note pages can be used as an appendix for users who need more space.

Appointment calendars tend to have a complicated design, but this product avoids any feeling of complexity with its faint ruled lines. Judges’ praise focused on the fact that it creates an easily customized environment, thanks to the focus on enabling the user to write in exactly what they need. It also features Taiwan’s lunar calendar dates, demonstrating consideration for users’ ways of life in the design.

GOOD DESIGN AWARD Review & Comment